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Fornux® PowerCalc-GX is both a powerful scientific calculator and a fast graphing calculator offering college students everything from high precision calculations to quality graphics helping you to resolve any problem easily.  Intelligent, fast and precise, Fornux® PowerCalc-GX is ultimately designed for ease of use with advanced logical, scientific, statistical, vector and linear algebra operations.

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A new Android version is out
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:: Update ::
OpenGL hardware accelerated 3D graphics!
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Fornux® PowerCalc-GX includes essential and distinguished features such as:
  • Coexistent 2D and 3D graphics represented as a vector of equations New!
  • Linear algebra supporting matrix of fractions New!
  • 2D, 3D, bar charts and scatter plots with smart formatting
  • Create your professional lab experiment reports in seconds!
  • Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) New!
  • Infinite number of conversions
  • Accepts algebraic polynomials (e.g. "2πr^2")
  • Effortless statistical operation computations (∑y2, ∑x5y9, etc.)
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